Medicine is a technology in Age of Empires and a home city card in Age of Empires III.

Age of EmpiresEdit

Medicine Medicine
Age AvailableIron Age
Cost 150 Gold
StatsPriests' healing rate increased

Medicine is a researchable technology in Age of Empires and can be researched at the Temple once the Iron Age is reached. The cost for this upgrade is 250 Gold .

Once the technology is developed, all priests controlled by the player heals allied units 33% faster.

Age of Empires IIIEdit

Age AvailableColonial Age
StatsVillagers train faster

Medicine is a Home City Card in Age of Empires III, available for most European Civilizations. It is found among the Manufacturing Plant-cards and can be sent at Colonial Age and can be unlocked if Home City is at level 25.
Ottomans and French do not have Medicine.
Germans ship 2 Uhlans with this card.

This technology makes Villagers train faster.

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