Milan is a large opponent featured in a few Age of Empires II campaigns. It is a city in Northern Italy.

Age of Empires II Edit

Milan is featured in the Pope & Antipope level of the Barbarossa campaign. They have a huge fortified city, with Fortified Walls, Keeps, and Castle. They occupy almost a quarter of the whole map. The city is also home to a large Cathedral in the southern reaches of the city (on a small plateau). In order for Barbarossa to win, he must convert the cathedral in milan. If he destroys it, he loses.

The city is part of the major allegiance of North Italian cities, called the Lombard League, which Barbarossa would come across later on in his campaign.

They are represented by the team colour blue, and are of the Teuton civilisation. The have a large army of Teutonic Knights and Knights.

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Edit

Milan is featured in the Fall of Rome level of the Attila the Hun campaign. They are one of the last opponents you come across, and are featured among their allied Lombard League cities as well as the remains of the Western Roman Empire.

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