AgeDark Age
Trained atBarracks
Cost 60 Food,
20 Gold
Upgraded FromN/A
Upgraded ToMan-at-Arms
Cost to Upgrade100 Food
45 Gold
The Militia is the first military unit available in Age of Empires II. These units, though being Infantry, are extremely ineffective against most Buildings and Units, though can still easily defeat a Villager without Loom. Although it is said that they are swordsmen, they clearly carry some sort of club. The Militia are ineffective after the Dark Age.



The Militia's main objective is providing an early-game defense for your settlement. It can also be used to explore the map for resources and opponents' locations.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The Militia is



The Militia are generally a waste of good resources that are better spent focusing on building up your economy and advancing to the Feudal Age. However, for civilizations that easily accumulate resources or rushing civilizations, such as the Huns, one might find it advantageous to send a group of five to deter the enemy village. However, the Militia resources are best used to advancing ages. Militia are weak and die very easily, but do provide early protection.

The Conquerors ChangesEdit

Militia gain 1 pierce armor.

History Edit

Local peasants and works called up for military duty in times of emergency made up the militia. These temporary soldiers were usually equipped with second-rate weapons and armor. They returned to their normal occupations when the emergency had passed. Levies of militia were often used as second-line troops when great lords assembled their vassals for a campaign. The militia was available for less demanding fighting and other tasks in support of the main army. England's Harold Godwinson stood his ground in 1066 at Hastings with only his vassals. If he had fallen back and called up the Anglo-Saxon militia, known as the furd, some historians believe that he would have not lost his kingdom to William the Conqueror. For much of the Dark Ages there were only small professional armies in the west. Militia led by strong leaders and their few retainers carried on much of the Dark Age fighting.

Trivia Edit

  • Militia are the only units in Age of Empires II to use clubs, paying homage to their cousin, the aptly named Clubman.
Unit Evolution: Militia

Militia --> Man-at-Arms --> Long Swordsman --> Two-Handed Swordsman --> Champion


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