Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Minoans are best used offensively but depending on the map type, a defensive position may be more effective, especially before the Bronze Age. The Minoans are primarily a Bronze Age civilization and their military might kicks in around that time so it is crucial the player utilizes their increased Food output from Farms as much as possible.


The Minoans start out normally like the other civilizations during the Stone Age. However, as the Tool Age sets in, the Minoans can yield more food per farm than other civilizations with the exception of the Sumerians. This economic bonus may not seem significant but reduces the amount of time and wood needed to replace each farm. Until the Bronze Age is reached, Turtling is advised at the start of the game. The Minoans can begin to flex their muscles once they are able to develop War Galleys and Composite Bowman. This combination of ranged units is best used during the Bronze Age and will guarantee a true military victory depending on the type of map chosen for each game. Be careful though, as the Iron Age comes into the picture, the Minoans may become overpowered since they lack the ability to develop elite units with high amount of armor and hit points. They also lack the ability to upgrade their Towers beyond the Sentry Tower upgrade, making them vulnerable to high ranged siege equipment such as a Heavy Catapult. This will certainly change the tide of war so to prevent this from happening, a rush is advised as soon as the player reaches the Bronze Age.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


  • Can provide support from elite archers.
  • Have the ability to construct more ships than any other civilization.
  • Best if used offensively.
  • Can develop a variety of ranged units during the Iron Age.
  • Can take down enemy fortifications.


  • Defensive position declines once Iron Age is reached.
  • Cannot develop elite infantry to support ranged units.
  • Not as effective if played after the Iron Age.
  • Lack fully upgraded Priests.
  • Cannot provide elite cavalry support.

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