Mirror Tower
Trained atTower
Cost ≈75 [1] Stone
In Age of Empires, the Mirror Tower is a superunit only available to the Scenario Editor and the campaign aspect of the game. The units starts with 400 hit points, 17 range and 100 attack. This defensive structure fires a beam of red light every 3 seconds and is 100% accurate without the need to research ballistics. If architecture is researched, the hit points of the building increases from 400 to 480. Although it is powerful, keep in mind that civilization bonuses do not apply to this structure. It is considered by some as the most powerful tower in the game but just like any tower, it is still vulnerable to large armies.


  • If placed on top of a cliff or elevation, the attack increases from 100 to 150.
  • Hit points do not double if played as the Babylonians.
  • Tower range does not increase by 2 points if played as the Choson.
  • Range cannot be upgraded by Woodworking technologies in the Market.
  • The -50% Tower cost does not apply for the Romans since it cannot be built.


The Mirror Tower is a historical legendary structure that is thought to be invented and constructed by Archimedes. The purpose of the building is to focus sunlight onto an enemy warship by using a mirror. Once enough energy is focused in the mirror, a ray of light would strike the desired target and light the object on fire. The true existence of this structure is historically disputed since there is little evidence that it actually exists. The Mirror Tower in the game is an over-powered version and exaggerated version of the actual tower.

  1. This is the repair cost, not build cost. The repair cost of a building is usually half of the build cost. That is, it would cost 150 Stone if the player were able to build a Mirror Tower.

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