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is an Aztec Campaign in the Age of Empires II: The Conquerors expansion. It tells the story of Cuauhtemoc, a Aztec leader who fought against the spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortés, who came to steal the gold from the great empire of Cuahtemoc's uncle, Montezuma.


Reign of BloodEdit

To win, you must find 4 sacred shrines and place a relic into each by using monks (after advancing to the castle age), and keeping your Mayan and Aztec enemies from destroying your shrines. There is a relic in front of each shrine.

The first two shrines are hidden in the trees west of your village, the third is north of Tepanaca (orange), and the fourth is cross the river near Tlatiluco (red) and Xochimilco (purple). It will require a transport ship to reach, and is surrounded by Jaguars.

Note: This is the only Montezuma Scenario where the Tlaxcalans and the Spanish army don't appear (as the Spanish hadn't even arrived yet), not counting the second where the Spanish make a minor arrival appearance at the end.

The Triple AllianceEdit

You start off with 4 Eagle Warriors that must deliver the summons of war to your Mayan and Aztec allies, Tclalopang (yellow) and Texcoco (purple). Afterwards, you are given villagers, and the task of destroying the four enemy Town Centers belonging to the Tlaxcalans (red). Then your allies will become enemies, and you must defeat them to win.

If you bring 10 Jaguar Warriors to the hidden monastery (In the middle of the map guarded by some Tlaxcalan gates, walls, towers and a jaguar and Son of Ornlu the Wolf), you will be rewarded the monastery and the blessing of the rain god (the Jaguar Warriors will all get +400 Hit Points).

At the end we see enemy Spanish arrive (blue, led by Cortez) and declare that they will not return to Spain without all the Aztec Gold. To prove it, they sink all their transport ships.

Note: It is not nessasary that you bring only 10 Jaguar Warriors to the hidden monastery; you can bring as many as you want, and all of them will get +400 HP.


The first objective is to defeat the Tlaxcalans' empire. Next you'll either have to Capture 20 Spanish Horses blocked by walls and then taking them to a pen near your camp or defeating the Spanish in order to slow their advance. Your allies, Tabasco (orange), will be defeated.

La Noche TristeEdit

Cortez builds a wonder within Tenochtitlan and you must destroy it to win before time runs up. You start with a Jaguar Warrior and collect soldiers on the way, but it's important to avoid Tlaxcalan forces and rescue the captured warriors (consisting of Elite Skirmishers, Jaguar Warriors and Eagle Warriors). You then must take a navy from the Conquered Aztecs (yellow) and then sail to the other side of the lake where monks and resources can be found.

Note: You don't have a very large army and as you have no villagers, it would be wise to convert enemy villagers with your monks.

The Boiling LakeEdit

Montezuma is dead now. Cuauhtemoc is now the emperor of Aztecs. Cuauhtemoc must make sure that the Spanish never set foot into Tenochtitlan ever again. To win, you must defeat both Tlaxcala and Cortez. One of your starting Islands has a Town Center and villagers, the other contains Military Buildings. You may move captured Trade Carts with Gun powder to your Military Island to make Cannons and captured Horses to create Cavalry Units, things the Aztecs can't use normally.

Broken SpearsEdit

It's finally time to put a stop to the Spanish Invaders. You must guard Tenochtitlan, and the city is very large with many buildings. To win, you must finish off the Tlaxcalans and two Spanish forces (the Navy is Blue and the Army is Purple). The Tlaxcalans are located south, the Spanish Army is located east and the Spanish Navy is located west. Somewhere North, you get massive ships from the Gods. Note that the bridge leading to the Spanish Navy is destroyed to slow their advance, so you will need transports.

Due to a simplicity in the programmed AI-code, both "Cortez Navy" and "Cortez Army" will immediately resign when their Town Center is lost. This could make for a funny effect since they can have several castles, many villagers and lots of troops on the map, but still delete all of them, one by one, after they have lost their Town Center. The purple player is extremely vulnerable to this, since his Town Center is right behind his Gate. Sneaking up a group of fully upgraded Jaguar Warriors tasked to raze the Town Center can eliminate him.

However, Player Red (The Tlaxcalans) will not resign when their Town Center is gone. They must be sieged and distrupted, which will be easier if you take over the other player's stockpiles of gold. The Tlaxcalans will eventually run out of their own gold, since they are stuck to a small peninsula without any hope of getting additional resources.

On the northern part of the map you will find additional gold mines.

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