Age of Empires IIEdit

In AoK / Conquerors, the Mosque is an unused building identical in appearence to the Turkish Wonder (Süleymaniye Mosque). Much like the cathedral, it is an eyecandy piece of decoration in campaigns, found in large Muslim cities. It cannot be built by any civilization. It appears in the first scenario of Saladin, where the player must get his soldiers to the mosque in Cairo, so that the Egyptians will change their diplomatic stance with him to ally. Also, in the fourth scenario of El Cid, the yellow team controls a mosque. When one of the player's unit reaches it, the player will be assigned an optional objective to bring El Cid to the mosque. Then he will be asked to convert it (HP : 600).

Age of Empires IIIEdit

The Mosque is a building only available to the Ottomans in Age of Empires III. This building replaces the church and is the only building that can train Imams, another unit unique to the Ottomans. It offers all of the traditional Church improvements such as the 2 LOS improvements and the 2 train time improvements, however it also offers unique Ottoman improvements reducing Settler train time and increasing Settler limit.

In the Age of Empires III expansions, Mosques can also train spies starting in Discovery Age, and offers a small XP trickle. When the unique Church card is sent, the Mosque can be used to ship in Janissaries and Great Bombards.

Shipments Edit

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