File:Naval Battle.png

The tenth scenario of the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign teaches the player about artifacts, and about ship combat.

Scenario InstructionsEdit

The Nile forts have brought peace to the south for many generations but the Libyans have once more become a problem. They have been raiding your coasts and intercepting trading ships heading for the Nile delta. They recently captured an important ship belonging to the Pharaoh and carried off a treasured Artifact sent to him by the kings of Canaan. Build a naval base in this area of the coast and attack the Libyan raiders at their homeport. Recover the stolen Artifact and return it to your Town Center.



You start off on one side of the coast, with the enemy base on the other coast. Don't waste any time looking for resources on other islands, because apart from a few trees, there is nothing to find.

The key to victory is a strong navy, so gather plenty of wood and build a few docks. Once you've sunk their navy, you can send over a few soldiers - Hoplites and Chariot Archers are both quite effective. Find the artifact (located at the back of the enemy base) and finish the mission.

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