The Noryang Point is the eight scenario in the Battles of the Conquerors Campaign in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion. You play as the Koreans (red), defending themselves from a Japanese invasion.

Objectives Edit

Initial Edit

  • OPTIONAL: Prevent the Japanese from destroying Korea's Wonder.
  • Defend Korea from the Japanese.

Appearing later Edit

  • Find Admiral Yi and learn of his secret weapon.
  • Use Turtle Ships to defeat the Japanese navy.
  • Destroy all of the Japanese Docks to end their threat to Korea.

Strategy Edit

The simplest strategy is to concentrate on defending yourself from the Japanese Navy (yellow). Build ships to face theirs, but also have a few soldiers on hand, in case a transport ship makes it across. However it is probably more useful to abandon the original settlements and build another well fortified town centre inland, concentrating on fortifying this, the best location being near the central cliff where the two isolated allied green Admiral Yi light cavalry are. This strategy stops the problem of Japanese boat attacks (although you will still have to face the samurai and other raiders).

After some time has passed, you'll be given the task of finding Admiral Yi (green), who's developed a weapon to fight the invaders. If you send a unit up north (Scout Cavalry are perfect), you'll find a transport ship on the river, and a few soldiers from Japanese Raiders (purple). You can defeat these, but it's not required; just get the unit across the river, and head west to receive two Elite Turtle Ships and Admiral Yi himself (a Hero turtle ship).

As the ships head south, the Chinese (orange) resing on the modern day island of Jeju south of the Korean peninsula will give you ten Chu Ko Nu and ten Bombard Cannons, but they'll be useless until you transport them somewhere.

After you've sunk the Japanese fleet (which shouldn't be too difficult, with a few Turtle Ships on your side), you'll be given instructions to destroy their docks.


  • There is a possible way to gain the Turtle Ships before the objective by scrolling the mouse cursor to the point where they lie.

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