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Nuke trooper
File:Photon man.jpg
AgeStone Age
Trained atTown Center
File:Unit emc2 trooper.jpg

The Nuke Trooper in Age of Empires is a Cheat Unit that can only be created if the cheat code "E=mc2 trooper" is typed in the chat box feature. They attack every 3 seconds, have 600 attack, 88 range, 10 armor and 100 hit points.

Just like an ordinary siege weapon, this unit dealts siege damage to towers and buildings. This unit also deals damage at a certain location rather than just a single unit. Just a few of these units can wipe out an entire civilization within a matter of minutes. However, use this unit with caution as it is vulnerable to conversion. The stats cannot be upgraded by any means.

It is similar to the Photon Man.


  • Can destroy a house in a single hit. (600/5 = 120 damage to buildings)
  • Deals damage in a single area.
  • In game stats reveal that it dealts 300 damage per strike but it actually deals 600 damage.
  • If placed at a high elevation, the attack can be as high as 900 per hit.
  • Even if the map is fully revealed, the unit cannot attack other units other than buildings at more than 15 range points.

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