AgeImperial Age
Trained atSiege Workshop
TypeSiege Unit
Cost160 Wood,
135 Gold
Upgraded FromMangonel
Upgraded ToSiege Onager
Cost to Upgrade1450 Food
1000 Gold
The Onager is an improvement of the Mangonel in Age of Empires II. It has more Hit Points, attack, armor, and range than the Mangonel. Can be upgraded to the Siege Onager.

Info Edit

The Onager is a wheeled Siege Weapon used to attack small masses of units and defensive structures. It features an area of attack and can attack ground. The Onager can be built at the Siege Workshop for 160 Wood and 135 Gold . It has 60 Hit Points and 50 Attack with a range of 8. It has a very powerful attack, capable of destroying Archers and Infantry in seconds.


Tactics Edit

Onagers are best used with other units, such as knights or elite infantry for protection. Since they move very slowly, this expensive unit should be protected at all costs. An Onager works best behind the battle field in conjunction with a large group Archers. One way to use them to attack Archers and other Onagers is to send them one by one. Then, although they will be destroyed, the enemy likely to lose 3 units, or even 10 if the other player puts them in line or flank formation.

Onagers, Mangonels, and other siege units are very effective against naval units, and once Heated Shot is researched, they have the potential to destroy even Turtle Ships in a few shots. The AI will often send out onagers as a shore defense to protect its buildings against Cannon Galleons.

History Edit

The onager was an improvement of the mangonel; it was larger, more powerful, and hurled a heavier payload for greater distance.

Unit Evolution: Mangonel
Mangonel --> Onager --> Siege Onager

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