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Opening Moves is the third scenario of the Reign of the Hittites campaign in the Age of Empires demo. Two Hittite Priests must convert or destroy two enemy towns.

Scenario Instructions Edit

United under your successful leadership, your people have prospered and advanced. Having multiplied in number, the time has come for you to begin expanding the scope of your territory.

To the east lies Babylon, situated in the fertile crescent of the Tigris-Euphrates river valley, but unrestricted passage into these lands is blocked by the Mitanni along your frontier. To open the door for future invasions of Babylon, you will first have to deal with the Mitanni.

Two of your wise men have offered to venture into the outskirts of the Mitanni Empire alone, confident that they will be able to convince people there to swear fealty to your Empire. Any Mitanni converts they generate can then be used to establish a foothold in the land with additional converts serving to expand this settlement and eventually drive away any remaining Mitanni.

Objectives Edit

  • Convert enemy villagers to build a settlement.
  • Build an army and send it forward to eliminate all remaining Mitanni.

Strategy Edit

You start off with two Priests, a Granary and a Storage Pit. There's two Mitanni towns on the map: a yellow one, just north of your starting position, and a red one across the water (both are Assyrians).

Move north, and start converting villagers. Try cornering them one at a time - if they gang up and attack, your Priests could die. When you have converted all of their Villagers, and you're sure they're not training any more, start building up your town, training more Villagers.

There's no gold on your island, all of it is in the red Mitanni's territory. If you move quickly, you could get some before they mine it, but if not, you can still defeat them.

They use lots of infantry, so train Chariot Achers - they cost no gold, and are effective against infantry. Build a Dock and transport them across - bring your Priests, to heal your soldiers and convert some Villagers, so you can build military buildings on their island.

With some Stone Throwers to use against towers, and Chariot Archers against infantry, the invasion should be quite easy.

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