Oppression is the sixth scenario of the Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun campaign in Age of Empires. The Yamato must keep the Kyushu calm with tribute while preparing their assault.

Scenario Instructions Edit

The success of your raid through Shikoku lands broke their spirit and within a few years they became part of the Yamato confederation. You have turned your gaze further south now, to the Island of the Kyushu. Your first efforts in Kyushu lands are not going well, however. Your small colony has come under the rule of a powerful Kyushu leader who rules the area nearby. He is now demanding heavy payments to allow you to stay. Due to entanglements to the north on the main island, the Yamato can send you no aid at this time. The Yamato leaders order you to revolt against the Kyushu warlord and gain control of this part of the island. Destroy the Kyushu Government Center.

Objective Edit

  • Destroy Kyushu Government Center.

Strategy Edit

You start the game in the Tool Age, with two allies and no enemies. But while Nintoku (yellow, Yamato) will remain your ally, the Tang (red, Yamato) will declare on you if you don't pay them tribute every time they ask for it. So start gathering gold so you can pay them - you're going to have to make a few payments.

The goal of the mission is to keep paying tribute while you prepare an army to destroy the Government Center. Luckily, this doesn't have to take long, as you don't have to keep your colony alive and you only have to destroy a single building - a dozen Axemen are more than enough for the task.

Train Clubmen, and send them south while you upgrade them to Axemen. Next to the Government Center, you'll find a few Stone Throwers. Station the Axemen next to them, and save the game in case you fail. Then, declare war on the Tang so you can destroy the siege units. By now, the Tang forces have demolished most of your town, but that's irrelevant.

Send your Axemen to the Government Center and destroy it.

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