Name Ornlu the Wolf
Amount of Food 0
Hit Points 400
number of hunters

Ornlu the Wolf is a hero animal that the player must kill in order to win the allegiance of the Uighers in the first Genghis Khan mission, the Crucible. He has 400 hp and deals 20 damage per hit. To ensure that as little casualties as possible are taken, players should retreat badly damaged units and heal them with monks; doing so makes slaying Ornlu a quick and painless task. 

Ornlu the wolf appears in other missions as an easter egg. He also is referenced in subsequent Ensemble Studios games.

  • He appears on an island in the fourth mission of the Montezuma campaign.
  • He appears during Vinlandsaga. He attacks the player's village early on.
  • Also, another wolf known as "Son of Ornlu" appears in the second mission of the Montezuma campaign.
  • In Age of Mythology there is a relic called the Skull of Ornlu.
  • In Age of Empires III, one can collect a treasure called "the Eye of Ornlu". The "eye" according to the treasure description is not an eye but is actually a jewel.

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