Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Palmyans are primarily an economic civilization and are best if used in booming stategies since their bonuses are primarily economic. This makes the Palmyrans a quick civilization to begin with and it also allows them to implement rushes early in the game. The Palmyrans are best if used up to the Bronze Age since this is where their military bonueses comes into the picture. Their faster Camel Rider speed allows them to take down enemy cavalry more efectively than other civilizations but their power will become overshadowed once the Iron Age comes into play since Camel Riders are ineffective against units from the Iron Age. To some players, their civilization bonuses are deemed useless and unnecessary since they do not have any bonuses suited for warfare and conquest as the game progresses beyond the Bronze Age. Thus, the Palmyran style of gameplay bears some similarities between their Assyrian counterpart since they are both good in early games but lack most Iron Age Technologies required for a complete military conquest.


  • Not as powerful in deathmatches.
  • Lack powerful Iron Age technologies crucial for military Victory.
  • Only a limited number of crucial Iron Age super-units are available.
  • Lack powerful military bonuses past the Bronze Age.


  • Possess a stable economic edge throughout the game.
  • Can implement rushes earlier than regular civilizations.
  • Great for Random Map mode of the game.
  • The Booming strategy is effective if played as this civilization.

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