Age AvailableImperial Age
Cost400 Wood,
600 Gold
StatsBarracks units created 50% faster
Available ToGoths

Perfusion is a technology unique to the Goths that can be researched at the Castle in the Imperial Age. Once researched, this technology will allow Barracks units to be trained 50% faster. With Perfusion researched, the Goths become fastest creator of military units in the game, making them able to create masses of Swordsmen, Spearmen and Huskarls in a single minute whereas it takes several minutes for other civilisations who rely on more expensive and longer-to-train units, such as the Persians.

This bonus is increased even more with their team bonus, which adds a further 20% faster creation speed for a total boost of 70%. When combined with Anarchy, the other unique Goth technology researched in the earlier age, the Goths are capable to quickly and efficiently swarm their enemies with infantry units.


A migratory people like the Goths had the ability to put armies in the field quickly. Their whole civilization was in a sense an army in the field. The youth of the Goths learned the skills of a warrior at an early age. The entire male population could become fighters in hours. Rivals learned not to let the Goths get close, if possible, and not to antagonize them if they did approach.

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