Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Persians have a quick, stable economy in early games due to their ability to hunt faster than other civilizations. However, as Food from animals begin to run out later in the game, the bonus becomes less valuable and the negative attribute for farming will make a significant impact from Tool Age onward. The Persians also have the inability to research economic upgrades from the market during the bronze age, making their economy much slower than other civilizations. Despite their economic disadvantage, the Persians can conscript a variety of powerful units once Iron Age is reached. Although powerful archery units and infantry from the Academy are closed to them, they have the ability to move elephants 50% faster than other civilizations, making them faster than infantry and siege weapons. Although this bonus is thought to be useless by other players, the bonus actually increases the strength of their elephant units since their weakness from siege engines and archers are removed, being able to penetrate enemy lines and defensive fronts. Thus, if played as the Persians, implementing an "elephant rush" is possible and can be very devastating if this rare type of rush is executed properly. The Persians are also effective on water since their triremes can fire 2X faster than ordinary triremes, making them deadly when building them in large numbers.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


  • Play well on both land and water maps
  • Very powerful in the Iron Age
  • Access to the strongest Infantry and Cavalry units in the game
  • Good choice for Deathmatches
  • Can train a variety of elite units
  • Can deploy devastating elephant rushes with their faster moving War Elephants
  • Their Triremes fire faster so when massed can control the seas easily


  • Not very good at using hit and run tactics
  • Not as powerful in the Tool Age and Bronze Age
  • Lack of Bronze and Iron Age Market technologies means a slower economy in the late game
  • Poor choice for Random Maps as they are not efficient at gathering resources other than food from hunting
  • Ranged units have lower range and accuracy
  • Lack of chariot units means Persia can have a tough time handling enemy Priests trying to convert their elephants

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