Civilization Tech Tree Strategy


The Phoenicians are primarily an Iron Age civilization and are not really as powerful in previous ages. The Phoenicians make this up for it by their ability to train powerful, elite units. They are strictly an offensive civilization in sea maps but also make a good defensive civilization on land maps. On sea maps, this civilization is almost invincible since the Juggernaut fire power is stronger than the fire power of two juggernauts combined. Despite their strong, stable military, Phoenician units are not specifically designed for crushing down enemy fortifications on a landlocked map due to their inability to construct powerful Siege Units. Some players ignore this fact due to their ability to train cheaper war elephants which are also designed to take down defensive buildings. However, their inability to develop iron Chain Mail makes Phoenician elephants vulnerable to units with higher attack, such as centurions and the helepolis. Keep in mind that even a strong civilization has it own particular weaknesses which can give the other civilization an advantage.

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Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


  • Immensely powerful on water maps.
  • Powerful Iron Age Technologies are open to them.
  • Can train more war elephants than other civilizations can.
  • Both offensive and defensive.
  • Powerful in Death Matches.


  • Cannot build elite siege weapons.
  • Lack armor upgrades in the Storage Pit during the Iron Age.
  • Not very powerful in early game play.
  • Cannot implement hit and run attacks.
  • Not as powerful in Random Map.

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