For the related Age of Empires III unit, see Pikeman (Age of Empires III).

AgeCastle Age
Trained atBarracks
Cost25 Wood,
35 Food
Upgraded FromSpearman
Upgraded ToHalberdier
Cost to Upgrade300 Food
600 Gold
A Pikeman is an upgraded version of a Spearman and is used as a anti-cavalry unit. They are made at the Barracks, and cost no gold, making them an excellent choice if the player is thin on gold. The Pikeman are not very good against non-cavalry units, but they make up for this by being inexpensive and therefore easy to mass produce. The Pikeman is incredible against Cavalry, doing up to 26 points of damage to Knights and 29 to War Elephants. However they will lose to War Elephants and Paladins in one on one combat due to their low hitpoints. As such they are much more effective in groups. In addition to cavalry they are decent at combatting enemy Skirmishers. They can be upgraded to Halberdier in the Imperial Age.

Pikemen are available to all civilization except the Turks.


The success of spearmen against cavalry led to innovation in the equipment and tactics they used. Pikemen were an innovation of towns and communities that did not have the resources to field large armies of heavy cavalry. Pikes were cheap and could be quite effective in training. One important change was the lengthening of the weapon shaft. Where the spear had been 6 to 8 feet long, the pike had a shaft up to 18 feet long. The longer weapon meant that more spear points could be extended beyond the bodies of the men in the front rank. Pikemen combined with crossbowmen or hand cannoneers to make a useful combined arms unit. The pikemen prevented cavalry from overrunning the group, while the missile troops caused casualties to the enemy at range. Working together, this combination dominated battlefields at the end of the age. As firearms improved after the Middle Ages, the pikeman component became less necessary. The bayonet made the pike component obsolete and allowed the musketeer to defend himself against cavalry.

File:Pike aok.jpg

Unit Evolution: Spearman
Spearman --> Pikeman --> Halberdier

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