Plate Mail ArmorFile:Platemailarmor.jpg
Age AvailableImperial Age
Cost 300 Food,
150 Gold
StatsInfantry armor and pierce armor +1 (+2 PA in The Conquerors)
Plate Mail Armor is a Technology in Age of Empires II that can be researched at the Age of Empires II. Once researched, this Technology increases Infantry armor and pierce armor by +1 (+2 PA in The Conquerors).


Armor made of large metal plates was the best defense obtainable against missiles and hand weapons. It was stronger and absorbed more energy. Large sheets of hammered steel were fashioned to fit the wearer's body. Making plate mail armor became an important craft. Specialists in Italy received orders for armor from all over Europe. The booty from battle or tournaments included valuable armor. Armor required regular oiling to prevent rust and this was the duty of squires indentured to knights. Plate mail armor appears ponderous today but was actually reasonably light and well designed for mobility. Athletio knights could perform handstands wearing armor. Knights could mount their horses without much difficulty and did not require cranes for a lift.
Infantry Technologies
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