AgeBronze Age
Trained atTemple
Cost 125 Gold
Priests can be trained from the Temple and are able to heal friendly units and convert enemy ones, but are slow-moving and possess low HP. A Priest cannot attack, but when an enemy units closes in to the Priest, he will attempt to convert them. When there are wounded units of your side nearby, the Priest will automatically heal them. After a successful conversion, the enemy unit will switch colors to the team whose priest converted him and be under control by its player. After a conversion, a Priest may not again attempt to convert until his rejuvenation meter has regained back to its fullest, at 100%.

Upgrades Edit

  • Astrology allows Priests to convert faster​
  • Mysticism adds double HP
  • Polytheism adds 40% move speed
  • Fanaticism makes Priest to rejuvenate from a conversion 50% faster
  • Monotheism enables Priest to convert enemy Priests and Buildings
  • Afterlife increases conversion range by +3
  • Medicine increases healing rate
  • Martyrdom enables priest to instantly convert an enemy unit (not buildings or enemy priests) by sacrificing his life

Civilization Bonuses Edit

[[#ref_Of all the Civilizations, only the Macedonians lack Priests, since they are unable to build Temples|^]]

History Edit

The acceptance of gods and goddesses associated with complex religions required the provision of priests (and priestesses) who acted as representatives of the gods among the people. Priests developed and conducted rituals, interpreted the demands of gods, taught and enforced the religious laws, and sought new believers. Particularly effective priests, or those representing a potent religion, were thought capable of healing.

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