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Pyrrhus of Epirus is the second map of the Rise of Rome campaign. The Romans (Blue) must defeat the Macedonians of Pyrrhus (Red).

Scenario Instructions Edit

Defeating the Samnites and others has made the Roman Republic the dominant power in central Italy, but the Greek colonies in southern Italy have become wary of our intentions. They have called for help. A Macedonian adventurer, King Pyrrhus of Epirus, has landed with a strong army, including War Elephants. If we lose our southern colonies to Pyrrhus, Rome might be at risk. If we can defeat Pyrrhus, however, we must push south to remove the Macedonians as a threat from southern Italy.

Objective Edit

  • Destroy the Macedonians without losing your two Town Centers.

Strategy Edit

You start the game with a sizeable navy of Scout Ships. Upgrade them as soon as possible - controlling the seas is of vital importance.

On land, you should be able to control the map east of the Macedonian bridge to the north - there's resources there. When you have Long Swordsmen, you can push the spread troops back. The Macedonians have a lot of War Elephants that you should consider trying to convert - Macedonian units are four times harder to convert, but it's still easier than killing them.

The city is well fortified against a land attack, so once you've fortified the bridge with a few towers, make some Triremes and Juggernauts for a naval strike. Juggernauts against towers and Trimeres against ships. Once their navy and towers are down, transport some Legions and Catapults here to attack their city from within. Scythe Chariots are fast, and useful against siege units.

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