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Queen Zenobia is the fourth map of the Pax Romana campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Romans must defeat the Palmyrans of Queen Zenobia.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Rome is near its maximum in territory but the empire is beset on many sides. The Alemanni tribe has crossed over into Italy and must be driven out. The Goths have invaded the Balkans. The Palmyrans, once trusted allies, have rebelled and taken most of our eastern provinces under their control. Defeat the northern frontiers of the empire while destroying the Palmyrans and restoring the East.

Objective Edit

  • Destroy the Palmyrans (red) while not losing any of the three Town Centers that begin play on the map.

Strategy Edit

There are three enemy teams on the map: Queen Zenobia (red), Goths (yellow), and Alemanni (brown), all Palmyrans. Only the first one must be destroyed to complete the mission. While it's quicker to go for the red base, it's more risky if your attack fails, so taking out the two other teams first is safer.

Build up military buildings on both your islands. All three enemies rely on archers, so use Cavalry - or, if you find yourself low on gold, Scythe Chariots will do. Those forces, and some Catapults to deal with buildings, is all you're going to need.

Queen Zenobia has quite a few Priests, so use Scythe Chariots to take them out, and level their Temple. Then destroy everything else.

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