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River outpost is the ninth map of the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign, and it teaches the player to use transports.

Scenario InstructionsEdit

The power of our armies and religion has stabilized our frontiers for the time being. The Nubians to the south remain a threat, however, although subduing them is too expensive to consider. As an alternative, the pharaoh has ordered that a river outpost be placed on a strategic Nile River island to discourage Nubian raiders from coming down river. Locate the large island in the center of the river to the north and build a Town Center and two Guard Towers there.


  • Locate Large Nile Island.
  • Build Town Center on island.
  • Build two Guard Towers on island.


Since there are no enemy units on the map, you don't need to fear an attack, and you can take your time. Build up your base until you can train Stone Throwers. Build Light Transports, and send the stone throwers over with a few soldiers. Use the stone throwers to destroy the enemy watch towers and the soldiers to kill the animals (lions and alligators) that could threaten your villagers.

Then, send a few villagers across, to gather the stone and build the buildings to complete the mission.

Alternatively, you can take your time to advance into Iron Age and then build a few Triremes. By then, the Triremes would have a much further range and they can easily destroy all the towers without any casualties.

You can also use those Triremes to kill off all the predators before sending the villagers across to complete the mission.

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