Age AvailableImperial Age
Cost750 Wood,
750 Gold
StatsChu Ko Nu pierce attack +2; Scorpion pierce attack +4
Available ToChinese

Rocketry is a technology unique to the Chinese that can be researched at the Castle in the Imperial Age. Once researched, this technology increases Chu Ko Nu pierce attack by +2, and Scorpion pierce attack by +4. With Rocketry, the pierce attack bonus for Chu Ko Nu and Scorpions causes greater damage to units normally resistant to arrow fire, most prominently Huskarls and Battering Rams, thus in a way can reasonoably perform as a substitute for their inability to create Hand Cannoneers or Bombard Cannons.


The Chinese are credited generally with the invention of the explosive we call gunpowder today. They used it extensively to power rockets, both for entertainment and military use. Although they never developed an accurate design, rockets could be used with great effect against enemies with no experience against these alarming weapons. Rockets were noisy, smelly, and spewed fire while traveling at high velocity. They damaged anything they hit and did collateral damage if they carried an explosive charge.

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