Civilization Tech Tree Strategy
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The Romans are primarily an offensive civilization and can also make a good defensive civilization as well due to the cheaper cost of building infrastructure. Although they produce the best Legions in the game, the player cannot rely on them too heavily since they are only effective against a certain type of units and can be easily countered by other Iron Age units. A combined assault of mixed units must be implemented in order to ensure a true military victory. The Romans are one of a few civilizations that work well in both land and water maps since have full access to Iron Age technologies found at the Dock. One major drawback is that they lack crucial upgrades found at the Stable and the Archery Range, making them ineffective at quick rushes. The only best cavalry they can train is the Scythe Chariot while the best archer they can produce is the Improved Bowman. Other than these drawbacks, the Romans are still considered one of the best civilizations available in the game since their civilization bonuses are effective from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. This makes the Romans only one of a few civilizations that are effective in both Random Map and the Deathmatch mode of the game. Usually, most civilizations in the game are powerful in only one game mode and weaker in the other. However, just like the Yamato, the Romans are the only exception to this.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


  • They produce one of the finest Infantry from the Barracks.
  • Romans can begin to flex their muscles once they reach the Bronze Age.
  • Powerful Iron Age Technologies are open to them.
  • Their offensive capabilities increases faster as the game progresses.


  • Lack Tower upgrades beyond the Sentry Tower.
  • Their defensive position weakens once Iron Age is reached.
  • Lack crucial upgrades found in the Temple.
  • Cannot train powerful units at the Archery Range.

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