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Saladin (1138–1193) is a campaign in Age of Empires II, and Age of Empires: The Age of Kings (though heavily modified). It follows the story of a European knight who is stranded in the desert on the Third Crusade, where he eventually is found by a pair of Saracen Cavalry Archers, who bring him to their leader, the namesake of this campaign.


An Arabian Knight Edit

The Frankish crusaders are attempting to capture the city of Cairo, and Saladin's forces set out to stop them. The player starts with Light Cavalry, Camels, Mamelukes, Men-at-Arms and two Heavy Scorpions, his/her enemies are the East and West Franks. Their first objective is to defeat the West Franks by destroying all their soldiers and military buildings, the last ones being a blacksmith and dock. When they get to the bridge to Cairo, the player's allies (The Egyptians) change their diplomacy to enemy, but you can force them to change their mind by positioning a soldier at their main Mosque. You can break the entrance gate by capturing the Frankish Cannon Galleon. After getting to the Mosque you're given Camels, Cavalry Archers and a Siege Ram to help with the defeat the East Franks by destroying their Town Center to win the Scenario.

Lord of Arabia Edit

A villainous pirate, Reynald de Chatillon, has violated peace treaties with the Saracens and is attacking the holy cities of Aqaba and Medina. To win, players must defeat Reynald's Raiders (Cyan) and Reynald's Pirates (Blue) and avoid his Bandits (Red). You lose if the Town Center in Aqaba or Medina gets destroyed, or if your units are all killed. Reynald's Raiders have their camp surrounded by a wall North of your Camp and Reynald's Pirates have their camp on an Island South West of your Camp. The Bandits appear anywhere so be careful.

The Horns of Hattin Edit

The Saracens attempt to capture a holy relic from the Templar Knights in the desert. The player starts with 2 camps, neither of which are especially well-defended. Your North has an army of Spearmen, Skirmishers and a Mangonel. Your South has Cavalry Archers. You need to advance to the Castle Age age and create Monks in your North camp. You need to rely on your strength of troops since you cannot build Castles, Walls or Towers in this campaign. You can retrieve the Relic by killing or converting the enemy monks around it. Defeating the Hospitallers is optional. Carry the Relic to the section in between the Flags in your North Camp.


The British are depicted by the Britons and have their camp located just south east from your North Camp. They possess Archers and Siege Units, notably the Scorpion. Due to their reliance on ranged units, mass producing Heavy Cavalry from the Stable will decimate their army.
Jerusalem is depicted by the Byzantines and have their camp just to the west of the player's South Camp. Jerusalem only produce Spearmen and Battering Rams to attack South Camp. These units can be easily countered by Man-at-Arms which are cheap to produce from the Barracks. After around 5 minutes, Reynald de Chatillon appears and attacks your South Camp. This team is probably the first that is good to be attacked due to the fact that the units advisable to attack their camp are cheap and relatively powerful.
Knights Templar
The Knights Templar are depicted by the Teutons and have their camp located just south west from the player's initial camp and start in the Castle Age.
The Hospitallers are also depicted by the Teutons and resides near Jerusalem's camp. Monks guard the Piece of the True cross that you must capture to win. They also start in the Castle Age.

The Siege of Jerusalem Edit

The player's opponents are the same as from the previous Campaign, except that there are no British. The player starts out with six Villagers, six Archers of Eyes, five Mamelukes and three Heavy Camels. Construct your own village there. To win, destroy all 5 towers in Jerusalem. You lose if you destroy a monastery or the Dome of the Rock.

Jihad! Edit

To win defeat two out of three Crusader cities.


The Persian city of Tiberius is surrounded by a wall with towers guarding the gates. One of them is being guarded by a castle. Their main infantry are Rams, Camels and Knights. They're southeast of your city. They're the only team (besides you) to start in the Castle Age instead of the Imperial Age.
The Byzantine city of Tyre is situated on an Island North West of your village. Bombard Towers guard their city. They use Cataphracts, Siege units and Ships.
The Teutonic city of Ascalon has no gates but are guarded by many Towers, Crossbowmen, Cavaliers and Mangonels. They also do have ships. At some point the villages surrounded by a wall will construct a wonder.


The player's only allies is the Saracen city of Hebron who have Trade Carts coming to your village and have nothing else but a market and a few houses. At some point the Tripolli Guards (purple, Franks) will attack your village.

The Lion and The Demon Edit

The primary objective is to construct a Wonder and defend it from the opponents. The player starts out with Mamelukes, Ship units, Heavy Cavalry Archers and Archer of Eyes.

Opponents Edit

The Franks are a strong team who attack mainly with Siege Units.
Jerusalem is depicted by the Byzantines and are a stronger team who attack mainly with Cavalry units.
Richard the Lionheart
Richard the Lionheart is depicted by the Britons who are a stronger team who attack mainly with Longbowmen and cavalry units.
Knights Templar
The Knights Templar are depicted by the Teutons and are an even stronger team who like Jerusalem mainly attack with Cavalry units.
The Genoese Civilization is depicted by the Byzantine and mostly attack with Ship units.


Persian Outpost
The player's only allies are the Persians who will send you 5 War Elephants after some time and their transport ship is near their Dock guarded by a Watch Tower.

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