The Scenario Editor is an option in the Age of Empires Series of games that allows players make scenarios. Users are able to customize maps and add everything that appears in-game.

Players can use the editor to create scenarios and test them, test attributes of units, and much more. Some units are only available in the Scenario Editor, like many heroes and the mercenaries in Age of Empires.

Age of Empires (Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome expansion) Editor Edit

The Age of Empires editor, included with the full version of both the original game and its expansion (the expansion having some extra expansion units, obviously), is a basic editing tool in which the player can either make "build and destroy" maps for normal RTS games with the well known system of a small base and resource gathering until one overcomes his opponent, or other, usually slightly more complicated maps in which the player, for example, controls a small band of soldiers and has to accomplish a given goal.

Age of Empires II (Age of Empires II: The Conquerors expansion) Editor Edit

The Age of Empires II editor features everything its predecessor possessed, including new features such as Triggers, which enable the creation of much more sophisticated scenarios.

  • The "units" tab has been edited so that now there are 4 smaller tabs: Units (standard, usually in-game creatable soldiers), Buildings (standard, usually in-game creatable buildings), Heroes (Heroes, usually from the campaigns, but also others) and Other (Miscellaneous objects like flags etc.).
  • The "map-copy" feature was implemented which enables the player to copy a certain object/patch of terrain into another area. This also enables the player to make contraptions of buildings that looks like a huge, custom building, very popular with designers that concentrate on the aesthetics of their map.
  • The "triggers" feature enables the player to create effects that are triggered under certain conditions. The triggers have been used for a wide variety of scenarios of lots of different "genres", e.g Defend-the-Spot, Role-playing games and Fixed Force. The Triggers tab was updated with the Conquerors expansion pack that added new features like the "Change Object Name", "Change Object HP" and "Change Object Attack" effects, which enabled the creation of more customised units. For example, the designers didn't need to use the old, historical heroes anymore: any fantasy theme could now be created.

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