AgeCastle Age
Trained atSiege Workshop
TypeSiege Unit
Cost75 Wood,
75 Gold
Upgraded FromN/A
Upgraded ToHeavy Scorpion
Cost to Upgrade1000 Food
1100 Wood
The Scorpion is a Siege Unit that is featured in Age of Empires II. The Scorpion fires large arrow-like bolts. It is effective against groups of enemy units as the bolts cause damage to multiple units. The Scorpion is built at the Siege Workshop during the Castle Age. Scorpions may upgrade to the Heavy Scorpion. Unlike Mangonels and their cousins, scorpions do not damage friendly units; this can make all the difference in a pitched close quarters battle. Like mangonels, scorpions are ineffective against buildings.

Compared to the Mangonel Edit

  • In most circumstances, a single mangonel will do more damage than a scorpion. However, scorpions do damage in a straight line while mangonels attack a single, small area--this means that in larger numbers, scorpions do more damage than mangonels unless the mangonels are micromanaged properly.
  • Scorpions do not damage friendly units, but mangonels do. This means that they can be effectively implemented in a melee battle.
  • Scorpion bolts reach their targets faster than mangonel payloads.
  • Mangonels have slightly more hitpoints.
  • Scorpions need less micromanagement than mangonels against an AI since computer controlled units will make a beeline for their target, ensuring that the scorpion will hit them anyway.
  • Scorpions cannot attack ground, making the task of hitting an agile unit impossible. Mangonels, on the other hand, can hit agile units if cleverly micromanaged.
  • Magonels cost 85 more Wood and 65 more Gold compared to Scorpions.

Tactics Edit

Scorpions are effective against slower units such as Infantry, Archers and Monks, where its slower-moving bolts may have maximum efficiency. Scorpions perform poorly against Woad Raiders and Cavalry, which can dodge its missiles and close the gap quickly should they choose to engage. Scorpions, like most Siege Units, should be well protected, as the Scorpion's slow speed makes them very vulnerable to attack. If the opponent has a superior number of cavalry, then it would be a good idea to retreat Siege Units and send in Spearmen. Position the scorpions behind them so they won't get hit.

When used correctly, Scorpions can be quite devastating. A medium-sized group of scorpions can decimate whole armies of infantry and archers in the blink of an eye, and even hold out well against cavalry in sufficient numbers. However, scorpions are always vulnerable to longer ranged attacks such as that from Bombard Cannons. When properly manouvered, cavalry archers and especially Mangudai can deal with Scorpions efficiently.

The Chinese technology Rocketry increases Scorpion damage by a massive 33 percent which allows them to destroy even cavalry with relative ease.

History Edit

The scorpion represents a light artillery weapon that fired large arrow-like bolts, small stones, or iron balls. These weapons came in a variety of sizes and looked like large crossbows. Scorpions might be mounted on tripods or more substantial wooden frames. They were used primarily in siege attacks but could also be deployed in a set position on a battlefield. They were useful against massed enemy troops, especially cavalry, and against fortifications.


  • The Scorpion is the only Siege Unit in Age of Empires II to have exactly one upgrade.
Unit Evolution: Scorpion

Scorpion --> Heavy Scorpion


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