Scout Ship
File:Scout Ship.png
AgeTool Age
Trained atDock
TypeMilitary Vessel
Cost135 Wood
Upgraded ToWar Galley
Cost to Upgrade150 Food
75 Wood
The Scout Ship appears in Age of Empires and is the first offensive water-vessel available. It is, as its name suggests, a light, fast moving scouting vessel. Because of its low attack it is not very effective in combat although it is the best available prior to the Bronze Age. It has an extensive sight range and can be used in conjunction with Scouts for effective exploration. At least two should be used when fighting another vessel, especially if it is any other offensive vessel. Boats are more resistant to enemy conversions than regular units.

Upgrades Edit

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Greek warships are 30% faster.
  • Minoan naval units costs 30% less.
  • Hittites warships have +4 range.
  • Yamato naval units have 30% more HP.

History Edit

The first true warships built to attack and sink other ships were galleys mounting a heavy ram at the front. The warship attempted to ram an enemy ship and stave in its hull, causing it at least take on water if not sink. Early warships were almost oar-powered torpedos, consisting of a light, floating hull manned by oarsmen. A sail, if present, was used only in transit, not in battle.

Unit Evolution: Scout Ship

Scout Ship --> War Galley --> Trireme