Scythe Chariot
File:Scythe Chariot.png
AgeIron Age
Trained atStable
Cost60 Wood,
40 Food
Upgraded FromChariot

The Scythe Chariot is a unit added to the game on its expansion Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. It is an upgrade of the Chariot, and is only available to selected civilizations.

The biggest advantage of the Scythe Chariot over the regular Chariot is its ability to provide Trample Damage the ability to damage buildings adjacent to the unit or building it is actually attacking. Thus they can be a nice alternative to a War Elephant, preventing enemy villagers from fleeing to a far location and restarting their town.

Just like its regular counterpart, the Scythe Chariots deals double attack towards Priests and are highly resistant towards enemy conversion.

Civilizations Edit

Scythe Chariot is an uncommon unit and only available for the following civilizations:

[[#ref_Assyrians cannot upgrade their chariots into Scythe chariots|^]]


Tool AgeEdit

Bronze AgeEdit

Iron AgeEdit

[[#ref_Nobility is the prerequisite for upgrading Chariots to Scythe Chariots so they will be having it automatically added|^]]

Civilization Bonuses Edit

File:Scythed Chariot.gif
Egyptians are the only civilization with a bonus that concerns chariots

History Edit

During the Bronze Age, chariots are widely used in combat throughout Asia. Chariots became less popular by the beginning of the last millennium BC as improvements in cavalry took over, but they did not disappear completely. Some armies continued to use them and they remained a symbol of prestige. To make chariots more effective and fearsome, scythe blades were attached to the axles. As the chariot moved, the blades rotated through the air. The Persians attempted to use Scythe Chariots against Alexander the Great, but the weapon made little impression on the disciplined phalanxes.

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