File:Siege in Canaan.png

This is the twelvth and last map in the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign. It's very similar to a random map game - the player start off in the Stone Age and can build up to the Iron Age.

Scenario InstructionsEdit

Our glorious new monument to the pharaoh is the envy of everyone and marks Egypt as the greatest civilization in the world. With this major project completed, the pharaoh wishes to turn his attention to the Canniness, who have been a thorn in the side of Egypt for generations. They have foolishly resisted becoming part of greater Egypt for too long. You are to take their largest city under siege and destroy their Government Center. This assault is intended to bring them to heel. The smaller Canaanite cities must surrender to you once their mightiest citadel has fallen.



Don't worry too much about being attacked, the enemy is quite content to stay in his own base. Build up until you can train advanced soldiers (Chariot Archers, Hoplites, and similar units) and a few Stone Throwers, then crush everything in your path.

The Government Center is at the northern-most part of the enemy base.

(Note that having just 10 Chariot Archers would be more than sufficient to take out all advancing enemy units without any injuries suffered. Placing a few Stone Throwers behind the Chariot Archers to destroy the watchtowers and other buildings, as you advance into the enemy base, helps to cut down the playing time required.)

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