Besides Wikimedia sister projects, many other sites exist that are using MediaWiki engine. Such sites based on our software generally display the Powered by icon near the bottom right corner of their pages.

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See navigation on the right for the collection. It is divided into several lists for the languages the wikis are written in or provided for.

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* If there is no list for your language yet, add it on the talk page. Entries will be sorted further.
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==See also==
* mutante's wikistats / list of largest wikis (previously at
* – a wiki of wikis
* WikiApiary - a wiki monitoring MediaWiki wikis
* List of companies and organizations using MediaWiki (German)
* MediaWiki vendors

Wikis by host Edit

* Wikis hosted by EditThis
* Wikis hosted by Gamepedia
* Wikis hosted by Orain
* Wikis hosted by Referata
* Wikis hosted by ShoutWiki
* Wikis hosted by Wikia
* Wikis hosted by Wikkii
* Wikis hosted by WikiHub