The Skirmish Campaign is the fifth scenario of the Ascent of Egypt Learning Campaign scenario pack. The overall concept of the game is to introduce the player the basic fundamentals of military combat.

Scenario InstructionsEdit

With new Technologies for obtaining Food, populations along the Nile have been growing for many generations. Neighboring tribes are moving toward conflict as they strive to control good food lands, tool Stone sites, and defensive positions. Recently, raiding parties from Upper Egypt (up river but to the south) have been coming down the river. Food gatherers nearby have spotted one such party. Intercept and destroy these invaders before they infiltrate your village sites and stores of food.


  • Destroy the enemy tribe.


This scenario involves careful planning since no Villagers and buildings are at the player's disposal. Protect your troops at all costs since they are irreplaceable. The campaign starts out with three Bowman and four Axeman located at the western portion of the Map. The raiding parties are your enemies and are in red color. The enemy is set to a defensive posture so an attack from them is impossible. The enemy is situated at the eastern portion of the map at the top of a cliff, giving them an advantage. Scouting is important, since a weak spot exists north and south of the enemies's initial position. Peruse this buffer zone and Victory will be yours!

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