AgeFeudal Age
Trained atBarracks
Cost25 Wood,
35 Food
Upgraded ToPikeman
Cost to Upgrade215 Food
90 Gold
The Spearman is an infantry unit in Age of Empires II. They are a decent early anti-Cavalry Unit, but weak against virtually everything else. They are created at the Barracks in the Feudal Age and cost no gold, making it useful for an early choice if there is not much gold available. Despite their bonus they will lose in a one-on-one battle with most cavalry. However they are very cheap and massed easily, allowing them to overwhelm enemy cavalry. They are useful in preventing Light Cavalry charges, but against Castle Age Cavalry such as Knights, Cavalry Archer or the War Elephant they should be upgraded to the more effective Pikemen.

Spearmen are good against Skirmishers, Cavalry Archers, and Cavalry, but bad against Swordsmen, Archers, Mangonels and Monks.


The medium infantry of medieval armies were often spearmen wearing half-armor, usually a helmet and armor on the upper body. As the Middle Ages advanced, the role of the spearman became more important. Armies learned to employ large formations of spearmen as a counter to heavy cavalry attacks because horses would not charge home against a bristling wall of spear points. Spearmen were most effective when emulating the ancient Greek phalanx, a dense box of men that could extend several spear points in a chosen direction. As towns grew in importance toward the end of the period, they fielded large contingents of trained spearmen. They were very effective in battle for the cost of their equipment and training. Spearmen were originally deployed in a defensive posture, but the best of the spearman armies, such as the Swiss, Scots, and Flemish, learned to maneuver and take the offensive.


Unit Evolution: Spearman
Spearman --> Pikeman --> Halberdier

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