Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The Sumerians have early game advantages, with their increased farm production making it more viable in the early game, and the increased villager HP makes it easier to hunt more dangerous animals, and defend against early game rushes. Late game, they come into their own, capable of using the costly, but effective, War elephant/Catapult Combo.


With all the farm upgrades, a Sumerian Farm can put out at least 900+ food before needed to be rebuilt again. This allows more wood to be saved on later games and makes micromanagement a lot easier. Sumerians have some early game disadvantages to other rushing civilizations (such as the Shang), but if one can survive to at least the Tool Age, they start to come into their own. They also get full access to the fortification line, to the best walls and towers. With infantry, they get full upgrades for the entire infantry tree. The Sumerians also get the maximum catapult upgrades and have the ability to train war elephants. If this combo is implemented properly, the heavy catapult/war elephant rush is practically indestructable by any means.


The Sumerians can also do a good fortress strategy, using their economy to make a high quality fort, complete with Ballista Towers and Fortifications. This, doubled with their catapult bonuses, can make them good for taking out forts as well as making them.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


  • Excellent choice on deathmatches.
  • Best if played from Bronze Age onward.
  • Excellent on land maps (all sizes).
  • Good for all types of strategies.


  • Not recommended on water maps.
  • Priests cannot be full upgraded.
  • Cannot train elite cavalry (melee combat).
  • Not as powerful on random maps.

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