Syracuse is the third scenario of the Rise of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Romans must take Syracuse without killing Archimedes.

Scenario Instructions Edit

The second war with Carthage has been underway since Hannibal crossed the Alps into Italy 10 years ago. The arrival and success of Hannibal has encouraged the people of Syracuse to rebel against our Roman rule. You are to lead a force south and recapture the city. Entering the city, however, will prove difficult, as the great mathematician Archimedes has helped Syracuse develop a unique and powerful system of defenses against both land and sea attacks. Although he is a military advisor for our enemies, Archimedes is well-respected by the republic. You are under strict orders not to kill him in the course of the attack. Take Syracuse but preserve the life of Archimedes who might be useful to us.

Objective Edit

  • Place 10 Roman Legion units in the Syracuse forum (a raised area marked by two yellow flags). Do not kill Archimedes (an old man).

Strategy Edit

On this map, you will face the Syracuse (Carthaginians, red, and Macedonians, yellow) and the Olympieum (Assyrians, brown). The yellow Syracuse have a large town with walls (the town you will need to invade), the red Syracuse have some troop-producing buildings in that town, and the Olympieum have a few houses and docks to the south.

The enemies have no Villagers or Town Centers, so they won't build or rebuild anything - in other words, take your time, their defenses aren't getting any better.

The Mirror Towers protecting the city from the sea are extremely hard-hitting, and have longer range than any of your siege units. If you can't avoid them, send a large fleet of at least a dozen Catapult Triremes and some Triremes for cannon fodder - extreme force is your only chance.

Destroying the brown player's Docks could be a mistake, as they're lightly defended, and are suited for trading. Sending a few Merchant Ships could guarantee a steady supply of gold.

When you have enough resources, ship some Villagers and soldiers to the open area west of Syracuse, and start building troop-producing buildings. Legions and Catapults can tear the city apart. Once you locate the forum, send your Legions there - but make sure that nothing harms Archimedes, he has very few hit points.

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