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The Teutons are a civilization available in Age of Empires II. It represents the Holy Roman Empire.

History Edit

The Teutons were a Germanic tribe that participated in the Great Migration when the Huns pushed various tribes out of Germany and into contact with the declining Roman Empire. They eventually settled in Germany and some in Italy.

Overview Edit

The Teutons main strengths are defense and economy. Their defensive structures and Town Centers both have bonuses. Town Centers have an additional +2 for their Attack, and a +5 for their Line of Sight. Towers can garrison twice the number of units than other civilizations and all tower technologies are available. With this bonus, Teutonic Keeps with full garrison of Archers can deal twice the amount of damage compared to an ordinary Keep with full garrison. In addition, a Teutonic Bombard Tower with ten garrisoned Hand Cannoneers only can fire up to two cannons simultaneously, dealing up to a whopping 240 damage. They also receive Murder Holes for free thus eliminating the minimum range of towers and Castle. This provides their Towers an earlier defense against Battering Rams. Their Monks are able to heal at twice the distance of other civilisations’ monks. Their Farms are 33% cheaper. Their units resist conversion due to their Team Bonus.

Their Unique Unit is the Teutonic Knight, which is an extremely strong but slow infantry unit possessing a significant attack (also an attack bonus versus buildings), Hit Points and Armor. It is almost unaffected by Archer, Infantry and Cavalry attacks. Their Unique Technology is Crenellations which gives Castles an additional +3 range and infantry units that garrison in the castle can fire arrows. This makes their castles very powerful.

The Teutonic civilization is given high profile in the Barbarossa campaign as they are the playable civilization. In addition many of the opponents encountered early in this campaign are also Teutons. Some opponents in the Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan campaign are also Teutons.

Wonder: Maria Laach Abbey

Unique Unit: Teutonic Knight (slow yet strong infantry)

Unique Tech: Crenellations (Increased range for Castles; garrisoned infantry fire arrows)

Civilization Bonuses Edit

In-game dialogue language (Old and Middle High German) Edit

Ja? ("yes?")
Heisse? (order?)
Vereyte ("ready")
He, ja ("why, yes")
Reyte (right)
Das ich soll ("that I shall")
Des ware (truly)
holza (to cut wood)
jägere (to hunt)
fischere (to fish)
suocha (to seek, gather)
jebuure (to go farming)
houwa (to quarry, cut)
buuwere (to build)
Flickmann (tinkerer, repairer <of small objects>)
Se stöörme! (storm them!)
Sassa! (to battle!)
Striitet! (fight!)

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