The Assassins is the first mission of the campaign Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun, in Age of Empires. The Yamato tribe must assassinate a rival clan leader.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Yamato spies within the Izumo clan lands report that the Izumo leaders are planning an attack against some of your allied clans. A pre-emptive attack against the Izumo is not practical at this time, however. It would hurt your relations with other clans with whom you are negotiating. You are to lead a small band of assassins into Izumo lands, locate their clan leader, and eliminate him. Without their leader, the Izumo cannot attack. This is a dangerous mission, but there are some Yamato friends inside Izumo lands who can help you.

Objective Edit


The player starts off with Hero Perseus, a cavalry unit, and three Broad Swordsmen. Several Blind Lame Priests are scattered accross the map. There are no Villagers in the map, with the exception of the very slight chance that a Villager can be converted.

Send your forces south, while remaining close to the eastern edge of the map. If a lion stands in your way, use your hero to shoot them. Don't endanger any of your other units, the archer can handle them on his own. At the eastern corner, there's a Blind Lame Priest who can heal your units, provided they stand as close as possible. Heal your hero if he's injured.

Move west along the southern edge of the map, until you cross the shallows, then move north along the river bank. Walk past the enemy towers, and if any of them fire at your units, there's another Blind Lame Priest to heal them.

From this Priest, walk north along the river. There's a Temple, and the enemy leader is standing in front of it. Send your archer to the top of the cliffs, and have him fire upon the hero. If the hero charges, use your other units to keep him away while the archer shoots. Once the enemy hero is dead, you've won the map.


NOTE: Cheat codes were used in order to produce the town, as players start off with no supplies, and cheats were also used in order to reveal the location of Xerxes. Cheats were NOT used, however, to convert the villager.

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