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The Caravan is the sixth mission of the Voices of Babylon campaign. An Artifact must be transported to a Temple at the north of the map, through enemy territory.

Scenario Instructions Edit

The raid into Elam was successful and the statue of Marduk has been recovered, but the statue must be returned to Babylonia. There are still bands of Elamites and other enemies loose in the Zagros Mountains who wish to prevent the return of the statue (represented by an Artifact). Bring the statue safely to your frontier Temple where it can be guarded prior to being moved to Babylon.

Objective Edit

  • Return the Artifact to the Temple.

Strategy Edit

After the long trek of the previous scenario, this one is mercifully short.

You start off with five Composite Bowmen and an Artifact, at the south of the map. Going west is the shorter route, but east is less dangerous, so go east. There's a pack of lions at the shallows, so shoot them down. Try to fight one lion at a time; if more than one charge you, your bowmen are going to be injured, possibly killed.

Continue east, through the empty enemy town, then north at the earliest opportunity. Your bowmen have a large line of sight, so avoid all enemies that can be avoided, and shoot down the ones that can't. The Hoplites are deadly if they can reach you.

Move north until you find the Temple, and place the Artifact right next to it to win.

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