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Third Greek War is the second scenario of the Enemies of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Macedonians must defeat the Roman forces of Pergamum.

Scenario Instructions Edit

Our attempt to conquer Pergamum has been complicated by the Romans. They have sent two armies to interfere on the side of our enemies. Thus the war has widened. A victory against these forces would not only give us control of the Bosphorus, but also revenge for earlier defeats by Rome that we cannot forget. Defeat these Roman interlopers and then destroy Pergamum.

Objective Edit

Strategy Edit

You start off with a few soldiers, some Villagers, and precious few resources nearby. There are three enemy armies: Pergamum (red) and two Roman Armies (yellow and brown), all of which are Romans. Build an Archery Range and an Academy, and use your starting gold on some Composite Bowmen and Hoplites to crush the two Roman armies so you can take the gold in their lands.

The Pergamum are the most advanced of your foes, but they're walled-in, and won't come looking for you until you break through the wall. You should have defeated the other two armies and reached the Iron Age before you do that.

When you have defeated the two armies, and built up a stockpile of resources, make your way into the town and fight your way to the Government Center. There's plenty of siege units protecting it, but with some patience and overwhelming force, you should manage to bring it down.

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