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Tigris Valley is the second scenario of the Voices of Babylon campaign. The Babylonians (Blue) must recover two Artifacts from Elam (Red, Egyptians, and Brown, Assyrians) and Akkad (Yellow, Egyptians).

Scenario Instructions Edit

The addition of the Elamite and Akkadian towns into the Babylonian Empire pleases Hammurabi greatly. He has a more difficult task for you now. One of your frontier cities was recently sacked and important treasures were carried off, including a copy of Hammurabi's law code engraved in stone. Push into the area where the treasures were taken and build up a force to recover them. The prestige of your great king remains tarnished as long as these treasures remain in enemy hands.

Objective Edit

  • Capture 2 missing Treasures.

Strategy Edit

You start off on the northern island. Each of the enemy forces has their own island, and two of them have navies that will come looking for you. Start creating Villagers and gathering Food, and reach the Tool Age as soon as possible. Once you've started aging up, switch to gathering Wood, so you'll have a stockpile to start creating Scout Ships. A Navy to overcome theirs is absolutely necessary.

There's two ways to find gold on this map: one is trading with enemy Docks, but this is somewhat risky until you've destroyed everything but the Dock - if they're still gathering, they can train ships to destroy your Merchant Ships. The other is a few Gold Mines on the closest islands - it's full of red Elam soldiers, but they have no base, and it's mostly Clubmen - no threat to any soldiers you ship over. You can also find the first Treasure here.

Once you have enough gold, you can train a few Cavalry, Hoplites and Stone Throwers and ship them over to the brown Elam's island. Bring a Villager, and start building military buildings. Attack the enemy base until you find the Treasure, and ship it back to your base.

Once both Treasures are in your base, you've won.

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