Trade Cart
File:Trade Cart.png
AgeFeudal Age
Trained atMarket
Cost100 Wood,
50 Gold
File:Trade Cart Aztec.png

The trade cart is a trade unit featured in Age of Empires II.

A Trade Cart is a non-offensive unit in Age of Empires II and is used to trade and generate Gold between two or more civilizations. Trade carts do not actually engage in the exchanging of resources between two civilizations; rather, empty trade carts travel to another market empty-handed and return with gold. Trade carts receive their gold from the markets of other players and deposit them at the markets of their owners. The amount of gold gained from trade per trade cart depends on the distance from one market to another; the farther away the market is, the more gold trade carts make. Trade carts may engage in trade with allied, neutral and enemy civilizations; however, trading with enemy civilizations is ill-advised since the trade carts are likely to be slaughtered upon reaching the enemy market.

Upgrading Caravan makes them two times faster.

History Edit

The trade cart represents the wagon, pack horses, and other means of land transport used for the overland trade of goods during the Middle Ages. One important land trade route was the movement of wool from England across the Channel into France. The wool was manufactured into cloth and this cloth was carried into Italy to exchange for spices and silk from the East. The most famous land trade route of the age was the Silk Road, from China to Constantinople and the Levant. Camel and horse trains carried silks across forbidding desert terrain in exchange for Western gold and silver.


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