Transport Ship
AgeFeudal Age
Trained atDock
Cost125 Wood

A Transport Ship is a ship that can transport units, but cannot attack other units. This unit allows many other units to be moved across water. It is useful in sneak attacks. It has no armor and few hit points, but good pierce armor, and if it is sunk, all units aboard are lost. Sheep and turkeys cannot board Transport Ships. It is advisable to protect these with galleys or fire ships when transporting units.

Avaliable from the Feudal Age, Transport Ships aid in overseas raids and reconnaisance. They also make effective dummies; have several transport ships garrison an inexpensive unit. This will drive the enemies main force away from whatever attack you're planning elswhere. Deception tactics like these could easily help you win the game.

Upgrades Edit

  • Careening - increases armour by 1, capacity +5
  • Dry Dock - increases speed by 15%, capacity +10
  • Shipwright - decreases training cost by 20%

History Edit

Trading ships of all kinds were requisitioned when armies were moved overseas. Such ships were usually modified into transports to better accommodate troops, horses, livestock, siege equipment, and supplies. England was invaded on several occasions during the Middle Ages, including the early Saxon/Angle/Jute invasions, numerous Norse invasions (the Danes ruled much of England temporarily), and the later Norman invasion of 1066. The Normans also invaded Sicily and southern Italy. Many of the Crusades involved sea movement from France to the Holy Land. The English brought armies into France several times during the Hundred Year’s War.


  • If a Transport Ship with units garrisoned in it is converted, the units inside it will not be converted. If a transport with units in it is converted, destroy the transport and the enemy units in it will sink. Another tactic is to take advantage of it and hold their population of people inside, as that population can't be used by the enemy now.
  • Archers cannot fire out of Transport Ships.

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