In the Age of Empires series, Trees are the only natural resource that provides wood and are often grouped
Tree Icon AoE3

Tree icon in Age of Empires III.

together in large clumps, making a forest. Trees are abundant throughout the map and is considered as one of the most common resources in the game. Depending on the type of map chosen for each game, different types of trees are available.

Age of EmpiresEdit

Trees in this game yield 75 Wood per unit while forest trees yields 40 Wood per unit. They are a common resource throughout the map and are revealed in the mini map in dark green color. There are 3 different kinds of trees each corresponding to different types of terrain. Palm trees are found in the desert while pine trees and forest trees appear on grassy terrain.

Age of Empires IIEdit

Age of Empires IIIEdit

In the game, trees are found throughout the map and are shown in the mini map as dark green in color. The types of trees in the game depends on the map chosen for each game. The wide variety of maps in Age of Empires III makes the game have the most diverse natural setting in the game, ranging from cold tundras to the desert of the southwest. Each tree contains 6 hit points and yields 300 Wood which are used to construct buildings, training units and improving their rank through technological upgrades. Artillery and Ships are the units that consume the most wood in the game.

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