Trojan War is the fourth campaign map of the Glory of Greece campaign. In this missions, the Greeks (Blue) struggle against the Trojans (Red).

Scenario Instructions Edit

Greek expansion overseas has brought them in contact with other cultures that pose both opportunities and dangers. The beautiful Helen has been stolen by Paris and taken back to his home city of Troy. Paris is the son of Priam, king of Troy. To restore the honor of the Myceneans, take revenge on the city of Troy by killing Hector, its hero, and capturing the treasure of Priam. Troy is far across the sea and taking the city will require an invasion of the Trojan homeland. The Trojan navy must be neutralized first.

Objectives Edit

Strategy Edit

You start off in Bronze Age, with a few Axemen and Bowmen, and the Hero Alexander, a powerful cavalry unit. He doesn't need to survive the combat, so feel free to use him at the front lines if you so desire - or keep him back to protect your base.

When you've sent your villagers off to gather resources, and trained a few more, you can start creating a navy - on this map, like most of the Greek maps, controlling the seas is vital to win.

You can't reach the Iron Age, so your army should consist of Hoplites, Cavalry, and Stone Throwers - all of which require significant gold stockpiles. South of your base, there's an island filled with gold and lions. Send a few ships down to kill the lions, then start gathering the gold. If you run out, there's another island at the north of the map, filled with Stone and Gold Mines. There's a couple of yellow Watch Towers here (belonging to a Greek player with a randomly generated name), but there's no units, and they are too far away to affect your mining - send a Stone Thrower up to level them if they worry you.

The best way to face the Trojans is to build on their island, so you won't have to ship units across. Send a few Hoplites and a Villager or two to the southern-most part of the map. If there's any enemy units here, kill them, then start building Stables, an Academy, and a Siege Workshop. Train a lagre army, and attack. If they die, do it again.

Hector is usually found at the south-eastern part of the base. He's powerful, but throwing Hoplites at him will bring him down. Then you can send a Cavalry unit to the northeastern part of the island - the Artifact is found here. As soon as you capture it, you've won.

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