A wall is a relatively inexpensive defensive structure used to prevent units from entering an area, and are often made of stone. Walls in Age of Empires can be upgraded, respective to the civilization in use. In Age of Empires II, it is possible to build a gate, which allows friendly units through, and these can also be built in a section of wall if it is the correct size. In Age of Empires III, walls are simply clicked on and selected to become a gate, with a small cost of Wood.

Age of MythologyEdit

Walls are always available in the Archaic Age, but can be upgraded through the different Ages.

Between the first three cultures, the Egyptians lead with the best Walls, however with The Titans expansion, the Atlanteans have overtaken them. The Norse possess the worst type, having only the Stone Wall upgrade. While the Greeks are the only culture with a God granted upgrade, with Hera's Athenian Wall upgrade

Wall types Edit

Age of Empires IIIEdit

Walls can be built from Discovery Age and works the same way as it's Age of Mythology counterpart. A Gate can be upgraded on a section which lets through your own units and allied units but never enemy units.

Church provides with Bastion upgrade which adds more hitpoints and turns its appearence from tree wall into a stone wall.


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