Wonder is the eight and last scenario of the Glory of Greece campaign. Alexander the Great (Blue) must stop the Greek Cambyses (Red) and the Phoenician Darius (Yellow) from building Wonders, while battling the Persians (Brown).

Scenario Instructions Edit

The return of Xenophon and the 10 000 Greek mercenaries in 400 BC revealed many weaknesses within the Persian Empire, but not until now could anything be done about it. The Greeks have been united under you, Alexander of Macedon. You have marched into Asia Minor and are now surrounded by your enemies. You've got them just where you want them. Destroy first the great Wonder built already by the Lydians and then destroy the Phoenician Wonder. Beware of Persian interference with your campaign. Wage successful war against Persia and her allies and you will be known hereafter as "The Great".

Objective Edit

  • Destroy all enemies or their Wonders!

Strategy Edit

You start off in the Iron Age, with few buildings, but some Heavy Cavalry, Scouts, Composite Bowmen and infantry to protect your camp. Cambyses has built a Wonder, so time is short.

Set your Villagers to gather resources. Build a Siege Workshop and train a Stone Thrower or two, then send the bowmen and Stone Throwers east. Destroy the Towers and Wall, shoot down any opposition, then destroy the Wonder with the Stone Throwers. Don't waste time hunting down units or destroying all buildings, just focus on the Wonder; time is short.

The Persians to the north of your base could attack at any moment, so build a Ballista Tower to keep their units away, and train some more Cavalry to deal with siege weapons. Keeping the base alive will allow you reinforcements.

Shortly after the eastern Wonder has fallen, Darius to the west will start building another Wonder. Send your forces against them. Kill any units that threaten your Stone Throwers as they wipe the building from the map.

Once both Wonders are down, you've finished the map - and the campaign.

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