Civilization Tech Tree Strategy

The YamatoCivilization are primarily an offensive civilization on both land and water. With their improved ship hit points, and cheaper cavalry, they make excellent early rushes in short games and can also defend early rushes from enemies, making them a good choice in early gameplay. Their bonuses have a much more impact from Tool Age onward so it is advised to use the bonus speed of the Villagers as much as possible.


File:Naval Warfare.jpg

The Yamato are one of the few civilizations that are effective in both short and long games depending on the type of stategy used. A defensive strategy is possible from Stone Age to Bronze Age but as the Iron Age sets in, their defensive position will slowly decline since they cannot improve their Towers beyond the Sentry Tower upgrade. Because of this, the Yamato fare much better offensively throughout the game even after the Iron Age.


  • Excellent from Tool Age to Iron Age.
  • Good choice for early rushes.
  • Can implement hit and run attacks.
  • Best if used in short games.
  • Good on both land and water maps.


  • Not as effective on longer games.
  • Cannot build elite Siege Units.
  • Not as effective on deathmatches.
  • Cannot build extensive fortifications.
  • Defensive position declines after Iron Age.

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